Dear Friends,

This section is my effort to help other fellow investors to sharpen their investing skills. Equity investing is a life long learning journey and I would be happy to contribute to your development as a better investor.

I follow the fundamental research methodology and practice value investing. To read more about our investing philosophy click here.

You may ask a query about any stock that you find to be a promising investment and we will provide you our assessment of the business and the stock.

Please send an email to

However, to make the learning fast and efficient, we would expect the seeker to write to us with his detailed analysis about the stock which should include the following aspects

  • Financial Analysis
  • Industry/Peer Analysis
  • Management Assessment
  • Valuation Analysis

There are several great learning resources freely available on the web and we expect the reader to invest the time and effort to research the stock and write about his analysis when you ask the query.

May your learn more to earn more!!


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