Candor Investing is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in bottom-up investing in quality businesses.

We help select individuals/trusts/family offices create wealth through long-term equity investments.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We are bottom-up fundamental investors adhering to the value investing philosophy as practiced by Philip Fisher, Warren Buffet, Prem Watsa and other stalwarts.

We live by a simple principle when it comes to stock market investing
“When profits of the company go up, stock prices go up and vice versa”

Our Investment Philosophy
“Buy quality businesses at reasonable valuations and hold till the company executes.”

What is a quality business?
  • Business has a competitive advantage – a moat
  • Consistent high Return on Equity & Return on Capital Employed
  • Low / No Debt
  • Honest Management, sense of stewardship

Portfolio Composition
We do not categorize our investments into small/mid/large cap stocks. but buy businesses that have a demonstrated superior execution capabilities in the past, hold promise for the future and are available at cheap enough valuations.

Our model portfolio typically consists of 8-10 high quality businesses.
The average market-capitalization of our model portfolio is Rs 7,000 Cr.

Our Investment Philosophy
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