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Betting on Wind Energy Revival – Sanghvi Movers

Sanghvi Movers is a case for potential business turn-around after its revenues fell by half in FY2018 and profits reduced from Rs 109 Crs in 2017 to a loss of Rs (-57) Crs in FY2018 There are specific reasons for this dramatic fall in business fortunes and there are hints of light at the end… Continue reading Betting on Wind Energy Revival – Sanghvi Movers

Stock Analysis

KRBL Ltd – Business Analysis

What is the Business? KRBL is a Basmati Rice player present in rice milling and retailing of rice as well as exports. KRBL has well-established brands in India as well as international markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman etc   Industry Background and Structure Basmati rice is only produced in India and Pakistan… Continue reading KRBL Ltd – Business Analysis


Where to start researching a Company?

Let us start with a scenario where you have stumbled upon a potentially brilliant stock idea. It is a potential multi-bagger story. Some of your friends have bought it and told you about it or you have read about it somewhere or you have information from sources that a big investor has recently bought into… Continue reading Where to start researching a Company?

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Ambika Cotton

What is the Business? Ambika Cotton is a speciality yarn producer based out of Tamil Nadu (Dindigal). It produces speciality compact yarn from long staple cotton procured from the US, Australia and India. Industry Structure Yarn production is a highly competitive industry with large labour requirement. Wide variation on raw material prices (cotton) cause frequent… Continue reading Ambika Cotton