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Amey is a full-time investor and founder of Candor Investing – a SEBI registered investment advisory.

Before turning a full-time investor, Amey has worked for 9+ years in corporates like L&T, Jindal Steel and Siemens Ltd.

He is an electrical engineer and an MDI Gurgaon alumnus.

He also actively contributes to the investing community with his research and talks. You can follow him on twitter where he shares his thoughts and ideas. 

Stock investing is simple

A good stock is a fast growing, simple business with hungry & honest management and low / zero debt. 

Live Q&A recorded in Feb 2022

Asian Investing Conclave

I share my views with Unovest

Asian Investing Conclave

I started with some hesitation but Amey’s approach is all about focus, keeping yourself grounded and think long term. It has paid off for me. 

Varun Rajkumar

Cognizant, US

My portfolio is doing much better than what I tried to do myself. Conversations with Amey are enlightening. Love the detailed analysis too.

Manas Patil

Bajaj Finance, Pune 

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